July 7, 2010

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Alright, for completeness sake, here are some pics from our last stop, Athens.  It turned out to be a sweet visit and we got to stay in a 5 star hotel with a view of the Acropolis.  Did some sight seeing, shopping and ate plenty of gyros!  A wonderful end to a great vacation.  Thats all folks!



June 22, 2010

We are now in Meteora which is central Greece & known for its huge rocks which house monasteries from the 14th century. Here are a few pics… the first one is actually of the sunset when we took the boat to Greece (oops!). We will have more Meteora pics later on!

Corfu, Greece!

June 22, 2010

Hey everyone, we finally are able to upload some new pictures and update the blog.  It has been a whirlwind for the past few weeks, and here are some pictures from our stay on Corfu, which is an island off of northern Greece.  The weather was perfect during our stay at the pink palace.  We did a kayaking safari, a booze cruise, cliff diving, swam in a bat cave, rented four-wheelers and went to a toga party!  Lots of fun, met a lot of interesting people.  Now we are in Kalambaka, in the middle of greece.  The bus ride here was torture.  That’s all for now, we will be coming home soon!


Krista & Brian


June 22, 2010

We were very lucky to spend 5 days with my family in Southern Italy! We ate waaaaay too much food. Lunch & dinner were ginormous meals, tons of pasta and meat and bread and of course beer & wine. I got to see my Nana’s old house and met most of the family. We were able to go to Tropea (south of Amantea.. beautiful beach), the church of St. Frances of Paola,  and to  Aiello (where my Grandparents are from).  Enjoy the pics!

Vatican City!

June 10, 2010

The Vatican & the pope (what we  could see of him) was one of the coolest parts of this trip. St. Peters Basilica  and the Sistine Chapel were AMAZING. Rome is a very old and busy city and has the worst transportation system that we have encountered!!! We were also able to get to the catacombs outside of the city which was also a neat experience. Enjoy the pics!
We are off to Capri for the day tomorrow than Amantea (southern Italy) to visit with Kristas family (who dont speak any english) … it should be interesting!
If we arent able to post anything there then our next post will most likely be from Corfu in Northern Greece!ù
Ciao!! Krista & Brian

Taste of Rome

June 7, 2010

Hello all from Rome!  It is just our first day here and we have covered some ground, so we decided to do a quick update on what we did today.  First we went to find some catacombs, but they close early and the bus system here is very confusing, so we ended up at the colluseum.  Its pretty impressive to see, so much history in that building.  Next we took a stroll down some Roman streets through the evening and ran into a few famous fountains (trevi, four rivers etc) as well as some ancient obelisks, stole some pictures of a famous Carrevaggio painting,  and had a brush with the parthenon and its huge columns.  Tomorrow should be busy too!  Thats  it for now, see you at the next update.


June 7, 2010

Florence was a very pretty city with lots of history, especially in the arts. We did not see the original David but we did see the replicas.. which in my opinion is good enough. We made it into the Uffizzi museum and saw tons of paintings & statues, although the Prado is still one of my favourites. We also met up with Devo here! So most all of our activities involved a bottle of wine. The food is absolutely delicious here (especially the pizza… its nearly all we’ve been eating!)

We;re off to Rome now! Hopefull we’ll be able to add pics when we are there. After that its Capri for the day and then Amantea (southern Italy) to see my family, and I am doubting that there will be an adequate internet connection down there!


Krista & Brian