Hey all, we are just finishing up with Barcelona and are updating some pictures from before.  Its been a very relaxing time here in Barcelona.  The beach has been our home for the past couple days, and we are ready to get started with Italy!

An update on what we´ve done since the previous post….we took Friday as a day of adventuring and visited two different cities outside of Madrid.  First was Toledo, the former capital of Spain.  It was very cool to see the medieval streets, churches and atmosphere.  We at lunch on top of a church overlooking the city.  Next we headed up to Segovia where we saw some 1000 year old Roman aqueducts and got to hang out in a medieval castle!  We then ate some of the local dish cuchinillo (suckling pig) mmm, and headed back to Madrid.  Ok, we will update again soon, adios!


Spanish Bullfight

May 29, 2010

Hello from Barcelona!

Here are a few pics from the bullfight we saw the other night… it definitely wasn´t what we were expecting, they do not kill the bull quickly by any means. First they tire him out by having him run at other people beside the matador and also by attacking a horse (that is protected and has a rider with a sharp edged pole that stabs the bull as it runs into the horse), it weakens the neck muscles of the bull when it tries to lift the horse and of course the guy stabbing the bull weakens it further for the matador. We saw two bulls get killed by the matador, 2 were weakened before the matador and were taken away (one of those was lame and was killed on the spot) and then the other bull we saw was way too wild and he was able to live!

The stadium we were in fit 25000 people and it was nearly full by the time it started.. since it´s bull fighting season they have a fight nearly every night … poor bulls

ok… pictures are NOT uploading on this computer, we will find an internet cafe tomorrow… or maybe monday… We hope to be lying on a beach all day tomorrow =)


May 26, 2010

We arrived here at 9 am this morning after an overnight train! The train wasn´t as bad as i expected, the bed was reasonably comfortable! today we went on a 3 hour tour of madrid and then went to the Prado & Reine Sophia Galleries. I thought the Prado was even better than the Louvre, although pictures were not allowed… We saw Velazquez, Goya, Caravaggio, Poussins, Rubens in the Prado &  Picasso´s Guernica along with some of Dali´s work in the Reine (which we could take pics of). The city is definitely more relaxed than Paris was and waaaay less expensive!

Enjoy the pics!

krista & brian

Au revoir Paris!

May 25, 2010

We are all done in Paris and will be in

Madrid tomorrow morning!

This is what we did yesterday along with a bike ride at night & a boat ride along the Seine!

We plan on going up the Eiffel tower tomorrow morning to try & beat the crowd… Also yesterday the Gendarmie had the entire tower + park surrounded and were checking everyone as they entered… apparently there was to be an “appertif” organized via facebook where a ton of people show up & get drunk & go up the tower… There are news articles on it on the web…

enjoy the pics! We’ll edit/add comments to them later!

Au Revoir!


First Day in Paris!

May 24, 2010

Alright, we’re going to try to post as many pics as possible but there are a lot and this computer is tres slow. We added a couple more pics to the disney post as well! Most of these pictures are of Notre Dame.


May 23, 2010

We made it to Paris yesterday afternoon! The flight went well and seemed a lot quicker than 8 hours & then the 2 from London.

Yesterday we visited Notre Dame and walked around a bit. There are a ton of cafes on all the streets and there are always people sitting down at them eating/drinking. The food here is expensive (or at least at the places we’ve gone to) but it’s very good!

Today we went to the Louvre for the morning, and then walked down the Champs de elysees and walked to the Eiffel Tower. The line for the tower was too long so we’re going to try to go up it tomorrow or Tuesday.

Tonight we are going on a bike tour of Paris along with a boat ride of the Seine river. The weather has been hot & sunny, not as hot as Florida tho!

I can’t find an attachment on this computer to connect my camera but if we pass an internet cafe tonight we will update with pics!

Krista &Brian

There is an internet cafe across the street, however it is closed today… so tomorrow there will be pictures! (we have A LOT)