May 23, 2010

We made it to Paris yesterday afternoon! The flight went well and seemed a lot quicker than 8 hours & then the 2 from London.

Yesterday we visited Notre Dame and walked around a bit. There are a ton of cafes on all the streets and there are always people sitting down at them eating/drinking. The food here is expensive (or at least at the places we’ve gone to) but it’s very good!

Today we went to the Louvre for the morning, and then walked down the Champs de elysees and walked to the Eiffel Tower. The line for the tower was too long so we’re going to try to go up it tomorrow or Tuesday.

Tonight we are going on a bike tour of Paris along with a boat ride of the Seine river. The weather has been hot & sunny, not as hot as Florida tho!

I can’t find an attachment on this computer to connect my camera but if we pass an internet cafe tonight we will update with pics!

Krista &Brian

There is an internet cafe across the street, however it is closed today… so tomorrow there will be pictures! (we have A LOT)


One Response to “Bonjour!”

  1. Sara Says:

    Sounds like you guys are seeing alot so far. Can’t wait to see pictures! At the eifel tower there will be separate lines for the stairs and elevator stairs line will be shorter and cost less… We took the stairs up when we were there. My mom says hi we’re In edmonton today going shopping at the west Ed mall tomorrow… Would rather be in Paris have fun!

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