Spanish Bullfight

May 29, 2010

Hello from Barcelona!

Here are a few pics from the bullfight we saw the other night… it definitely wasn´t what we were expecting, they do not kill the bull quickly by any means. First they tire him out by having him run at other people beside the matador and also by attacking a horse (that is protected and has a rider with a sharp edged pole that stabs the bull as it runs into the horse), it weakens the neck muscles of the bull when it tries to lift the horse and of course the guy stabbing the bull weakens it further for the matador. We saw two bulls get killed by the matador, 2 were weakened before the matador and were taken away (one of those was lame and was killed on the spot) and then the other bull we saw was way too wild and he was able to live!

The stadium we were in fit 25000 people and it was nearly full by the time it started.. since it´s bull fighting season they have a fight nearly every night … poor bulls

ok… pictures are NOT uploading on this computer, we will find an internet cafe tomorrow… or maybe monday… We hope to be lying on a beach all day tomorrow =)


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