Hasta la Vista, Madrid

May 31, 2010

Hey all, we are just finishing up with Barcelona and are updating some pictures from before.  Its been a very relaxing time here in Barcelona.  The beach has been our home for the past couple days, and we are ready to get started with Italy!

An update on what we´ve done since the previous post….we took Friday as a day of adventuring and visited two different cities outside of Madrid.  First was Toledo, the former capital of Spain.  It was very cool to see the medieval streets, churches and atmosphere.  We at lunch on top of a church overlooking the city.  Next we headed up to Segovia where we saw some 1000 year old Roman aqueducts and got to hang out in a medieval castle!  We then ate some of the local dish cuchinillo (suckling pig) mmm, and headed back to Madrid.  Ok, we will update again soon, adios!


One Response to “Hasta la Vista, Madrid”

  1. teresa bruni Says:

    hi krista and brian
    thanks for all the great pics, it is bringing back memories–I visited alot of the very same places over 20 yrs ago. take care and keep the pics coming
    Love teresa, jim,josh and julia

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